Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Apple---The simple story

So we heard all the hype about the GOOG Android phone, but didn't RIMM rally yesterday?

And if the Android phone can't keep RIMM down, doesn't that mean that AAPL is now in play?

You'll hear that the iPhone is a flop in China because it is so expensive, but charts watchers will say that it came within a whisker of its 50 day moving average yesterday. Use the weakness to pick it up.

And the rebound off of that means we'll have a re-iteration of the buy recomendations as the analysts get behind this name again.

(And for those that really like to gamble with a really cheap spec--look at the Nov 210s at .40. The 200s are 1.40)


Anonymous said...

bought aapl dec puts today below 4 bucks

Palmoni said...

that's what makes a market!