Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anyone check out the SOX?

Wait--what's going on? Chips are running? I thought this was just double and triple ordering!

Oh boy--I can hear it now--That above picture shouldn't be on a stock tout blog--but on Maxim.

Then go buy it! Maxim Integrated Products (MXIM 17.85). Heck it makes up 11% of the SOX index!

If they're going to goose the index, they'll goose that number!

Or maybe, everyone's just still checking it out!


Anonymous said...

where do you find your pictures?

they are amazing....

what are your thoughts with AMD?

Palmoni said...

I think the selloff on that is over

Palmoni said...

Barclays this am on AMD: Here's some commentary on AMD
AMD And Intel Legal Update Timothy Luke
* Ahead of AMD's analyst day on Wednesday, we update on AMD and Intel's
legal disputes. In general, we consider that a potential settlement in
the lengthy dispute between the two parties, possibly ahead of their
March 29th 2010 court date in Delaware, could prove a beneficial
opportunity for AMD given the strained state of its balance sheet (net
debt of $3. 1B) and its desire to renegotiate a new cross licensing deal
with Intel (expires January 2011) and potentially divest its
Globalfoundries holding. While visibility on near term trends may be
limited and competitive pressures remain fierce, we maintain our 1-OW on
AMD with new product roadmap (notably for servers) a key focus for
analyst meeting. We would also expect some commentary from AMD on the
legal process.

Anonymous said...

thanks for bringing this up...a year and half ago i was at a wedding and met a lawyer who was working on this amd/intel case and said a couple years from now (he did mention 2010) there is a high chance AMD will win.

i'll monitor this stock for a little...they might pop tomorrow with the meeting but i missed it at $4.5

Thanks Palmoni!

Anonymous said...