Monday, November 16, 2009

Bud Adams gets into the act

What's Roger Goodell going to do about that? He fined Ocho $20K for his so-called one buck bribe, because it was unbecoming to the game. What happens when Tennessee Owner, Bud Adams at 86, starts flipping the bird to Bills fans?

The moral of the story is--You can't flash a buck, but you can flash a bird!


Anonymous said...

Still think NVTL is going back to 12?

I jumped on a few Dec 10 calls a few weeks ago hoping for a quick rebound... so far still a lot of sellers...

Anonymous said...

Gold and silver are breaking out. When you think the Feds will intervene?

Anonymous said... are you playing gold right now?

Palmoni said...

I don't think the Feds can intervene now!!!

Whoa nellie!

Calls on the majors that got clocked the last couple weeks in the mini-panic!!!