Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Berkshire to buy Burlington Northern!!!

$100 a share!

On October 5, I said you can buy the railroads.

Because in this market, whenever you see a rollover on the charts it doesn't happen.

Two takeovers in two days.

And for those who wonder why I advertised it with Syd Davy?

He's a railroad train engineer--for CSX!

But for those interested in conspiracy stories, yesterday someone bought 649 of the Nov 80s calls on BNI for .80 which will be worth 17+ this morning!!!
Someone yesterday also bought 690 of the Nov 50 calls on BDK at .85 which will be worth 8 this morning.

Which means Buffett's betting that the economy isn't rolling over!!

Just when the shorts thought they were seeing some light at the end of the tunnel!


Anonymous said...

Look at those lonely Nov $85 calls sitting at 10-15 cents!

Palmoni said...

No leakage on those!

Anonymous said...

pshaw! yea like he was not the one who bought gs at 115 just to see it drop to 65.

Anonymous said...

P - Are you buying into the trashing of the semis that is going on?

Some of the Jan & Mar calls on these are looking pretty cheap.

Anonymous said...

Correction Palmoni: Syd is with Canadian Pacific Railway (CP).

Palmoni said...

Yeh--I goofed on that--I remember when I wrote it, that it looked wrong.

Come on--he makes the trek from Canada--

thanks for pointing that out

Anonymous said...

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