Friday, November 13, 2009

The Balloon Dad's plea agreement


Anonymous said...

Have you seen John Paulson's new holdings? The man loaded up on REITs and Citi! Plus he sold GS, hah!

palmoni said...

No I didn't but that is good to see! Check out the story on ZH about the BK REIT that he wanted to steal big money is flowing where supposedly the next problems lie which means it isn't the next problem

Anonymous said...

Yah the vulture investors are at it with each other! You think he's betting on a real recovery in the economy or a declinning dollar? I'm not really believing the recovery because of declinning oil production but I do see a weaker dollar taking us to new market highs. I checked out that HUSA company and is it true that they have a 25% interest in a field that may have 1-4 billion barrels recoverable? If so the company is a giveaway!

palmoni said...

There is a lot more to it check out the two Canadian companies that have properties next to HUSA those stocks have added billions in market cap with their discovery

I'm going to have more on HUSA I'm meeting with the company on one of their road shows next week

Anonymous said...

That's no fair, I'm stuck going to classes and you get to go on road shows and Colombia!

BTW have you visited Colombia lately? Heard you mention a while back that you wanted to plan a trip with some investors to go check out the geological results in person. Heard anything new from the place? The yahoo board has been dead silent lately.

Also, I found some spec plays in the rare earth metals sector. First one is Avalon Rare Metals and you can check out their website here The Thor Lake project is their gem

The 2nd play is Great Western Minerals and their website is here Toyota seems interested in doing a JV with the company and an off take agreement on all their production. I figured Toyota wouldn't be wasting their time on this company unless they had the "goods".