Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Man arrested in Car Bomb

Wait--What a surprise.

His name?

Faisal Shahzad, and he was of Pakistani descent.

And the fingerprints on the crude propane bomb?

Middle Eastern.

That isn't racial profiling is it?


pakki said...

Oh wait, maybe if this is true, and not another set up, maybe this is a message to the U.S.
A simple one.
"Get the fuck out of the whole goddammn region.
Quit bombing and wiping out villages indiscriminately."

racial profiling or not. real perpertator or not.

whydibuy said...

Grow a brain pakki

If anyone is brutal towards the regions peoples its the taliban.

The taliban kills anyone they don't agree with or who doesn't share their beliefs.

Bravo to the U.S. forces kicking muslim butt.

Anonymous said...

Palmoni, will this Greece/Europe issue cause the Dollar to spike leading Gold to drop more and markets to drop more? will more $ move to the Dollar?

do you consider this a healthy pull back...VIX has been up quite a bit....is it best to just sit out a bit?

Palmoni said...

Every pullback before this, you had to buy--I think this time, you need to give it just a bit more room.

Anonymous said...

Bit more .. or a lot more? 1100? 1150?