Monday, May 24, 2010

Morning tout sheet stops the future selling

Goldman touts 1300 S&P
Morgan Stanley touts oil to $95 and AAPL to $310
Citigroup touts GOOG to $640


Anonymous said...

palomoni or anyone else out there -what will it take for this headline to disappear?-"U.S. Stocks Drop on Europe Concern" what needs to be done---are u "concerned"?

Anonymous said...

Palmoni, are we going to be pretty choppy for the rest of the year? does this tout to 1300 by GS have a lot of legs where we actually could get there?

Anonymous said...

Booyah. I'm all in.

Anonymous said...

Triple bogey

Anonymous said...

Me three! Don't let the falling red numbers fool you! LOL

Unknown said...

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