Monday, May 10, 2010

The ECB shows their teeth!

Up almost 400 on the Dow, and +53 on the S&P isn't enough for you?

Traders--Hit bids for gosh sakes!

Oh that's right--I forgot--You can't hit bids when you're covering the shorts you laid out!!!



Anonymous said...

Should we take profits now? Up an aweful lot.

Palmoni said...

The Dow up 453
The NAZ up 114

That's enough for me for today

Anonymous said...

palmoni your trading instincts are really f'en amazing!

Settembrini said...

I started buying CSCO monday--I should have waited for Wed-Fri. I learned that you always wait for the pullback--The best times to buy in the last 7 months were--End of OCT - begining of Nov. End Of January-early Feb and ist week of May. As palomoni said 'free money'. I got me some X!

Anonymous said...

Palmoni...did you unload all or are you holding on to likes of MGM and MPG?

is this just a short time bounce up for a play? do you think we'll come back down? some bears still think so

Anonymous said...

Guys $1 trillion more dollars just got printed... it has to flow somewhere! I think the party got started again.

Palmoni, check out the premium over NAV for the Sprott Physical Gold Trust ETV... it's 30% LoL!

Palmoni said...

I bought MGM back at 13.02. I was lucky I sold a nice piece at 16.55.

I flipped my index plays that I bought in last week's swoon, but that doesn't mean I think the market is coming down. I'm just more comfortable with individual stocks right now, and I wanted to book those gains!

Stocks take time to move up. And yeh, I'm holding MPG. Bought it at 2.72.

But Paulson? Touting 3-5% home price appreciatyion this year and 8-12% in 2011? That's not a prediction. That's his pimping for the administration so they leave him alone.

He needs to be the housing cheerleader!

The idea that he has housing bets is secondary. If people really looked at Paulson's trades, they'll see how he was in cohoots with the other big boys on the naked shorting etc and the Abacus deal was just the tip of the iceberg!

So we'll hear how he's talking his book blah blah blah. He's talking so he doesn't have to talk with the SEC!

Remember Wall Street always has a story under the story.

And what is also amazing is that all these bears, who say the market is so manipulated--why in the name of god can't these folks then, buy at the lows and then sell at the highs if it is so manipulated?

And they are all so thin skinned. Look at Denniger. He'll tell you that you have to leave the casino because the game is so rigged.

Heck he had a piece on gold and silver, and I put it up here.

look at it now--He prevented the pictures from being hot linked.

Whatever. I put his name in the headline.

The other day, when things were melting down, he said he had a few million hits that day, as everyone was then heeding the tinfoil hat crowd.

It's the same with Wall Street research. I can't tell you how many times, that I had stuff taken down from scribd because of "copyright" notices. Heck, scribd kicked me off for DMCA violations. It's not even worth posting.

I suppose these folks all think they opinions are so good, that they are like holy writ!


But last I looked, no site gave you the bottom of the indexes at the low on Friday, and then the top of the same on the trade today.

and the bears? we had our crash-- the bears missed their chance..

maybe that's why they are so thin skinned!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I put the red blanket on my monitor fri ....and it worked for monday ! ..

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