Thursday, May 20, 2010

The elitists fear the people

Here’s a case of life imitating art above. Besides the massive confrontation between the military and protestors (Red Shirts) in Bangkok yesterday that yielded the above photo, the aftermath of the destruction of the Red Shirts’ camp yielded even more destruction, as looters set fire to an upscale mall, the Thai Stock Exchange, the central bank along with other large commercial bank offices, and the Channel 3 television station. More than 36 buildings were set ablaze last night in Bangkok. Below you can see a video of the upscale mall, Central World, on fire, and a photo of it during happier times last Christmas. Today it has been reported that damage was so extensive that it may need to be completely razed. Central World, a 1.024M square meter complex, is the second largest mall in Bangkok.

To grant you an idea of the absolutely chaotic and dangerous situation that furiously ignited so quickly in Bangkok yesterday, the equivalent scenario in New York would be if rioters set Fifth Avenue, the NY branch of the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and the CNN news station ablaze, all in a period of a few hours. Or in Los Angeles, the comparable scenario would be if the Beverly Center, Rodeo Drive, the Federal Reserve downtown, Bunker Hill, and ABC news station were all set ablaze.

While the Thailand conflict has been presented by the media as a war between the deposed and exiled former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his supporters and the current Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and his supporters, the issue the mass media has not once addressed and will likely never address is an issue that even the majority of Red Shirts (the protestors) probably don’t even understand.  No matter whose side you are on, random destruction of a public mall and threatening the livelihood of innocent victims is uncalled for and wrong under any circumstance, so what possibly could have instigated such an outpouring of rage? People rarely dig deeper to get to the root causes of the ill-guided manifestations of desperation, so that's what we're going to do here.

While the bad results of a massive conflict makes for good news, it's very easy to fall into the media trap of categorizing these events as black v. white, us v. them, and evil v. good. However, in almost every one of these situations, many nuances of grey exist, and it is NOT as simple as Darth Vader v. Luke Skywalker.  Without getting into the politics of who’s right and who’s wrong in the Thailand conflict, let’s investigate an extremely important and underlying current of this conflict and every major economic conflict that is occurring in the world today - how a fraudulent global monetary system so significantly contributes to conditions of oppression and class division warfare.

US Congressman Ron Paul stated, “The Federal Reserve has been given the power, and the authority, to create money out of thin air. It’s fraudulent and it’s theft.” Since all Central Banks in the world all create money out of thin air and act in the same manner, they rob from all citizens of the world. However, the class that is always hurt the most by the actions of Central Banks is the poor, as the degradation and destruction of purchasing power hurts their very ability to survive. And when their ability to survive is threatened, this is when resistances form and revolutions occur. In the Western's leading nations, when situations such as those we are witnessing in Thailand and in Greece materialize, as seems inevitable now, the situations will likely be markedly worse. Why? Thoroughout history, revolutions have been sparked by two situations:

(1)When the poor have struggled for so long that they feel they have nothing to lose, even in death; or
(2) When the middle class of a country begins migrating into the ranks of the poor due to austere monetary policies imposed upon them by their bankers and governments.

In America, if this should happen, this will be a particularly dangerous situation, for the sinking of a particularly well-armed middle class into poverty would present a far more dangerous and complicated situation than one in which poorly armed protestors attempt to rise up against a well-armed opposition.

In 2008, world banks and western militaries acknowledged the very strong likelihood of civil unrest in the first world. Consider the following stories that were reported more than one-and-a-half years ago and by and large, laughed off by those that live in the Western world as Hollywood tall tales:

“Pentagon resources and U.S. troops may be used if needed to quell protests and bank runs during an economic crisis, the U.S. Army War College's Strategic Institute reported. ‘Widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security,’ the War College study states. Incidents of economic collapse, terrorism and disruption of legal order could require deployment of forces within the US, it said. A ‘strategic shock’ could require the nation to use ‘military force against hostile groups inside the United States.’” 

“International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn has warned that advanced nations could face civil unrest during distressful economic times. ‘[S]ocial unrest may happen in many countries – including advanced economies’ if the economic crises are not properly dealt with, Strauss-Kahn said. ‘He added that violent protests could break out in countries worldwide if the financial system was not restructured to benefit everyone rather than a small elite,’ London's Guardian reported."

What is particularly telling in the above stories is that the managing director of the IMF, a notoriously elitist banking organization, admitted that our current financial system only benefits a “small elite.” For those that believe that the US Army War College’s Strategic Institute’s report of future civil conflict inside the US is far-fetched, you must realize that the bankers already KNOW that their current plan of destroying monetary value in all major global currencies will cause the middle class of Western nations to migrate into the ranks of the poor. The bankers already know that massive civil unrest all around the world is inevitable given the course they have chosen for all of us. The bankers are ALREADY CLOSELY MONITORING the situations in Greece, Thailand, Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, and other countries to understand how they must react to it when it hits the shores of the Western world. And because the bankers already know that their policies ensure uprisings in Western nations in future years, they are planning for it right now, six or seven steps ahead of the sleeping masses of people. Will the people wake up, or will it be checkmate already by the time they do?


Anonymous said...

Palmoni said we are done with the crash - buy stocks. HPQ was up after hours... buy X - the selling is overdone
bha.. bha-ha.. bha-ha-ha-ha...

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whydibuy said...

I agree with the protesters.

Untill destruction and fear from the elite happen, the grievances of the protesters will continue to fall on deaf, ignored and impetulant ears.

Just like here in the states, the gov worried about the banks. The troubled debtor folks could go p*ss up a rope as far as the gov is concerned. Even when the gov claimed it was making a program to help debtors, it really was helping the banks by keeping the debtors deep in debt, trying to persuade them not to walk from thier obligations. The gov really does not care about the little folk. And its that way everywhere untill the little guy won't take it.

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There should be a section called "little bitches". The above comments would go there.

whydibuy said...

Hey anon

" little bitches""

please don't go projecting your self image onto me. I suggest resuming your mental meds before you get any worse.

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Is that really your responce? Weak at best, Sir. I'm not the one bear talking on a down day. I might be one of the biggest bears there is, but I just dont get smack talking a guy who gives this stuff away. But then again, I am not a woman.

Anonymous said...

Palmoni said this and Palmoni said that. Oh why didn't the world do what Palmoni said?

... What? governments dont care about the little guy. and the government cares more for the rich elite than the poor. Is this news? Has anyone sold/shorted shares because the red shirts lost?

the rich elite (and their coatail riders) would have sold shares if the red shirts had won. but the redshirts lost. the rich can celebrate, status quo was confirmed in Thailand. This should be a buy indicator for the rich.

but theyre selling/shorting/sidelined because obamas going after them. he showed the public that they (wall street) are assholes. now the rich will show the public what happens when you screw with staus quo. the last two weeks, wall street has been the thai stock exchange for Goldman and the big boys. they will burn it up if they dont get what they want.

Anonymous said...

Palmoni, when is it time to buy? looks like we're going to test May 6 lows

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Palmoni, do you think we'll hit low 900s in the S&P in the next few weeks..wondering when i should avg out to reduce basis

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about 900 because we're going to 0. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

going to 0 will happen...have you read Revelation? we're all here for a finite period of time.

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10% off sale, I don't know, maybe just me, but when i go shopping i like stuff that's 10% off.

Would be nice if some of these big companies in the US actually use some of their Billions$ on the BS and go shopping.

until we get some good old fashin take overs or something (anything) positive in Europe, the scared ladies will part ways with their stocks.

Sam said...

Sick action today. Similar to 2008. The option premiums and VIX doesn't seem so ridiculous now does it?

This mini-bull from Feb has completely retraced and we could tag 1040 easily.

Anonymous said...

could tag 1040 tomorrow!

whydibuy said...

Hey, anon

You don't get smack talking.......I guess when Palmoni refers to Meridith Whitney as porky pig thats not uncalled for rude?? Taunting the shorts with " that all you got " talk is not smack??

And just because he has been dumb lucky on his moves doesn't make him somehow special. Buying and touting debt bomb, money losing stocks and getting greater fools to bid them higher is not genius. Its luck.

You may or may not be a woman but you do seem obsessed with the matter.

Oh, and "reponce" ?? Try a little 6th grade grammer, gal.
Its spelled R-E-S-P-O-N-S-E .

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I dont care about spelling or you. I just enjoy this resource. I dont agree with him all the time, but I at least want to hear his opinion. I know you've never worked a floor or a desk, or you wouldn't come up these rediculous replies. I probably got some spelling errors in this post too, so go ahead and a check for me, bitch. Better yet, grab your sack, and lay out some trades we can shit talk when they dont work, brutha.

Anonymous said...

Well Palmoni which is it? Are we now in a bear market or is this just a trick by the Boyz?

Anonymous said...

anons and others - stop asking questions, did not you read it right here? He said yesterday - we are done with the crash, so it is all clear, buy stocks. And he noticed that HPQ was up after hours. 400 points down - well that was kinda unexpected. But surely Rosie and other bears will be killed tomorrow, just waiting for pixs of cute little bears...

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This is a gaydar market.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that it will be DOWN then UP, perhaps powerfully. The only question is, how far down first? My guess is it has to be enough to provoke more money printing.

Palmoni said...

Oh My!!!!! These bears have such thin skins!! We get a melt day, and now the world is going to collapse!!

Every bear is on TV touting---and hoping that they can have redemption after they have missed the rally so they can say I told you so!

But at least it's lively!!!

Anonymous said...

This blog gets better everyday!

Mr. Manna -

have a little looksy at the monster we found up here in Canada...not quite a bear...but has the same attributes