Monday, May 24, 2010

Venus: It's all an illusion!!

Look at what Venus wore at the French Open. She said her flesh colored panties were all an illusion!

You make that call!

It looks as effective as a Rachel Uchitel bikini! (And now that Tiger has split from his wife, how long before he has a relapse with her?)

But speaking of golf,  finally, we have a sport picture that will cause as much of a buzz as when golfer Christie Kerr, kissed her trophy, in 2005.

She better have Goldman help her with their Financial Fornication cover!

But this is a stock market blog, so I have to give the bears a picture also!

Is it just an illusion?

You make that call!

Because for once, they kicked a leg off of the bulls!

But we'll see how they are standing later!