Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MCC fails on HFT again

"Why did you guys reduce liquidity?" says MCC?

Grasso, "Michelle, I love you despite not having common sense on this issue."

Today Playboy came out with a 3-D version.

Now what did CNBC anchor Maria Bartiroma say about 3D sex? Besides being surprisingly and giddily curious?

Oh wait--CNBC removed that video from www.youtube.com for a TOS violation!

The point is, CNBC anchors would be better off asking about Hefner's 3D magazine than having MCC debate high frequency trading--a subject she knows nothing about!

Maybe MCC should try that job!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Palmoni,

So I just got back from class and went through that Colombian co presentation. They listed the Anori project as 1,527 acres and today's press release the company now says it's 17,736 acres with the joint venture! The intial samples are 3x more rich than Ventana's and the property is bigger... why haven't more people caught onto this yet??? hah!

palmoni said...

Eventually they will. If it was listed on the TSX, the Canadian brokers would be all over it.

You could easily have 3 Ventana's in here with all the other properties they have, but that will come after more assay results.

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