Friday, May 28, 2010

Ozzy is alive at Madame Tussauds

He posed as a wax dummie and then came to life!


khalid said...

That made my day!
I effing love Ozzie

Unknown said...

Spain downgraded oh my!

The rating agencies are soooo credible!

here's an idea -- rate credit based on relative yields...but i guess that's too easy + the guys at Fitch, S&P & Moody's are soooo smart!

Sam said...

As if this was a surprise. They were already downgraded by S&P in Jan 2009(!). The market already assumed Spain to be non-AAA from way back.

Classic sell the news. All we need is a trigger and down we go. If this was released in Jan '10, no one would have cared. I'll say again, this market is sick. The unemployment and the reaction to it would be a biggie.

Anonymous said...

bulls got into their back rooms... suck them into a rally and then reap them a new one.

Anonymous said...

Are we crashing again?

Unknown said...

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