Sunday, May 9, 2010

Anyone buy at Friday's low?

Wait----wasn't the low advertised within a couple of minutes on Friday? It was just another "Free Money" offer from the Government. You got to take it, when they give it to you!!! At 1095 on the S&P!!

Blogger Palmoni said...
The 10:30 glitch is now over. That was the melt from yesterday that I advertised would happen. Dow was down 278 NAZ down 91. Geithner and Bernanke are now calling in the Calvary, and telling Goldman's prop desk to buy! That should be it. They need to contain things, before they get out of hand.

Now we have a $500 billion euro bailout, and the futures are up close to 2% across the board.

Thank you--I just hit bids!!

That was the easiest play in the world! When Brian Williams starts saying on Letterman the market plunge was "harrowing" you know the banksters would be taking offers in tandem with the weekend bail-out plan overseas!!

Oh My!! The plunge was "oh so scary!"


It was just "Free Money!!"

"As advertised!!!"


Anonymous said...

Up or not tomorrow, market integrity is at an all time low, we need financial reform bad.
I bet you if the up-tick rule is reinstated the market goes +10% in two weeks, oh, and the market wouldn’t have crashed on Thursday. Real Simple. Up-tick rule.

Anonymous said...

Market integrity my foot. Have you learned nothing from Palmoni? The suckers will be back sooner than you think LOL.

Palmoni said...

Thanks for the support!! They were back already this morningto get fleeced! And the NYSE invoked their lame ass rule that they don't have to show pre opening prices so they could jam the market even higher!

Market integrity at its finest!!

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