Friday, May 14, 2010

Rosie: Take some chips off the table

When did he put some chips on???


Anonymous said...

And whatever you do don't put said chips in the bank

Anonymous said...

Definitely don't pull chips out of your ass while in public that can be filmed.

Sam said...

LOL. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Is the correction done now?

whydibuy said...


No doubt he'll tell us all how he sold out of MPG around 3.60.

Now that reality is taking hold with that empty shell of a stock, its heading back to 1.00 - 2.00 .

I know, Tepper the genius owns it, so who am I to question him ??

Anonymous said...

You know the LA trophy buildings that the company is holding has more equity in it than the market cap of the stock and the loans on all their buildings is nonrecourse to the parent company... but doing real homework is asking too much out of most people!

Palmoni said...

I didn't sell MPG so I'm guilty as charged.

But I'm also guilty of owning puts on NFLX!!!

Ka Ching!!!

And btw, what ever happened to Cramer's high flyers???


Anonymous said...

Monday crash?

Anonymous said...

Palmoni, he tells to take chips off the table for people who follow your blog

Anonymous said...

Should I buy high flyers now?

Palmoni said...

why would you buy the high flyers? they just had an island reversal yesterday, and today is the first day down.

Stay away. the buyers in those stocks were shorts, not natural buyers.

Palmoni said...


haha!!! that was funny! I missed that!

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