Sunday, May 9, 2010

The committee to save the world is calling a meeting.

Remember the actors in the last meeting?

And the Time magazine puff piece that began like this?

In late-night phone calls, in marathon meetings and over bagels, orange juice and quiche, these three men--Robert Rubin, Alan Greenspan and Larry Summers--are working to stop what has become a plague of economic panic.....

Now our saviors are Sarkozy, Merkel and Timmy Geithner--?

And just as history has proven that the previous three actors were just  losers, who really didn't believe in free markets, but who instead, believed that debt created was an asset, and that fiat money was the solution to the world's problems, they're coming up to bat again. Despite the fact, that eleven years later, gold is at $1200, instead of $270, the purchasing power of the dollar has cratered, along with the people's standard of living; and yet, still the Central Bankers of the world, claim that they, and only them, know what is good for the financial system.
The same bankers, who sold gold at $270!

But now they declare, that they have their bazooka loaded to defend the euro, along with a Chinese style media lock down, that no more live shots of riots in Greece can be broadcasted during market hours.

And that's the "Bankster's" plan!

From the Committee to save the world!

Or at least, the banker's bonuses from a clawback!

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