Monday, May 10, 2010

The Crybaby Corner!!

Zero Hedge:
Do not trade in this broken market, do not hold your money in a bank as they are all now one hour away from a terminal bank run - buy and hold real, FASB mark-to-myth independent assets.

You cannot invest or trade in markets that behave this way; it is impossible to go to sleep with a position, either bullish or bearish, and not wake up to find it ridiculously underwater. This isn't "stability" being demonstrated as the Euro folks and Bernanke claim, it is schizophrenia, it's destructive and it's impossible to be involved in a market that behaves this way without eventually waking up to all your money being gone. It is time to give up folks and leave the machines to themselves.

The new crybaby corner!!!

Both of these sites are a great sources of information, and their content is vastly superior to most anything out their on the "Net, but these guys are almost like brilliant academics. Neither of them can trade themselves out of a paper bag!

This market gives you "free money" but for gosh sakes, you gotta take it, instead of hoping and believing the world will collapse!

So then, you can gloriously stand up, and beat your chest and say, "I told you so" in the nuclear wasteland!

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khalid said...

i think people really fail to see what your blog's truly about.
This post encapsulates the whole concept of Wall Street Manna.
Especially the last two paragraphs.