Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial day...


Anonymous said...

For more info on the life and death of James John Regan:

Anonymous said...

Send politicians' sons to war zone!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the oilmen, our soldiers die needlessly.

db said...

"Thanks to all the oilmen, our soldiers die needlessly.".....I am fat because of spoons .......who consumes oil? ......who overeats ?....lets take responsibly for for our actions

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the profound message within this picture.

Truly represents the one picture = 1000 words...

It's a damn shame that the supreme sacrifice made to protect our freedoms (including the right to post our opinions freely) gets lost amongst some members of your audience.


Anonymous said...

Its ironic some still glorifying the war in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

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