Friday, May 7, 2010

A trading "glitch?" Are you kidding me?

It's just a"glitch." Wipe out trillions, but its just a "glitch." Give the public executions on their stock trades, but call it just a "glitch." Lose up to 60% on this "glitch."

And let this "glitch" spread to currencies, and let this "glitch" spread to sovereigns, and let this "glitch" spread to Governments--hell just call it a "glitch" because Turbo Timmy and Bumbling Ben, haven't yet gotten out of all the stocks they backstopped.

It's just a "glitch."

And its the only "glitch" that will probably show up again--today, after everyone told us it was just a "glitch."

Because Mary Shapiro, rest assured, she is on it!

It's just a symbian "glitch!"

C-Currencies crashing
H-Hell, it's just a "glitch!"


Anonymous said...

looks like another "glitch" again today!

Palmoni said...

The 10:30 glitch is now over. That was the melt from yesterday that I advertised would happen.

Dow was down 278 NAZ down 91.

Geithner and Bernanke are now calling in the Calvary, and telling Goldman's prop desk to buy!

That should be it. They need to contain things, before they get out of hand.