Thursday, May 6, 2010

The two cents "Fat Finger"

Sam Adams? Boston Beer? Went to a penny?

How about Exelon? The 2009 Utility of the year.$30 billion market cap. It went to zero!

But if you bought the 7,254 shares at .41 cents or the 3,450 shares at .0001 from the HFT, your trade gets busted. On Wall Street, the HFT house always wins!

Accenture I covered. A $26 billion dollar company.

Buy it for two cents.

Did they bet all their money on Tiger's latest tournament when he didn't make the cut? Oh that's right. They already dropped him. It was just the machines with their algorithms!

How about Centerpoint Energy? A utility with a $14 billion enterprise value. Buy it for two cents.

Now let's look at Goldman. Why didn't that number break. Wait--If you trade with Goldman, you don't short it's stock. Does anybody think Goldman needed to make some billions for the historic SEC fine it will soon pay?

Wait--why didn't any of the big banks break during the market route?

Does anybody think that maybe, their prop desks were too busy hitting bids of other stocks??

But don't worry--If the stock moved 60%, up or down, the trade gets busted.

Which is why the trades on Sotheby's won't stand.

Sotheby's Common Stock

Day's Range:27.85 - 100,000.00

That number ran to $100,000!!

From 33!

Hit the Bid!