Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who owns the credit default swaps on GM?

Probably the same folks that bought credit default swaps on AIG!

From Denninger:

Here's the problem - I'm willing to bet that a huge percentage of those were written by AIG.

The government has provided a history now that says that if you are a holder of CDS written by AIG, you will get 100 cents on the dollar, even if the notes don't default. In addition that 100 cents is above what you would normally get even if there IS a default, because normally you have to tender the defaulted bond or the payout is limited by the recovery, and recovery on a defaulted bond is almost never zero.

So in this case the winning play, if you're a big bondholder, is to tell GM to suck eggs; you'll get paid 100 cents on your CDS even though AIG has no money, because the taxpayer will make you whole on those CDS, even if the bonds have a recovery in bankruptcy.

In other words you could conceivably get more than 100 cents if you hold those bonds - so long as you also hold a CDS as a hedge.

It must be nice to be able to screw the taxpayer for more than a 100% payout, right?

The bondholders "committee" is all made up of big players who presumably are hedged, ergo, this has to be assumed to be part of their "thought process" - if not the controlling factor.

Small bondholders on the other hand (who have no hedge, unless they were smart enough to buy lots of PUTs a few months ago) are just going to get plain old-fashioned screwed.

Since the only way GM survives is for it to get the bondholder committee to agree to restructuring it therefore follows that the only way this can happen is if the administration (and Fed!) makes very clear that all funding to AIG has been cut off and therefore no further "pass through" payments will (or can) occur.

That is, The Obama Administration has to bankrupt AIG to save GM, or we will instead see the banks again rip off the American Taxpayer through yet another "passthrough" CDS payout stream AND GM will go bankrupt.

Get ready America - you're about to get it in BOTH holes this time.

This is analysis and deduction based on the available and public facts - I have no proof - but I'll bet this is exactly how this deal will go down, and why.,-UNLESS.....html

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