Thursday, April 30, 2009

What happens in Vegas, happens first!

There's a long line of mourners
Driving down our little street
Their fancy cars are such a sight to see, oh yeah
They're all your rich friends who knew you in the city
And now they've finally brought you
Brought you home to me

Anyone buy Las Vegas Sands at $1.77? It was advertised here, when the world was worried about China not buying treasuries!

How about this piece on April 4?

Wall Street wants you to believe that every casino is now a toxic asset, and that every casino is worth what Carl bids! So take the action at the casinos. It's just another group that the shorts have laid on where they have overstayed their welcome! But now, the shortsellers are Wall Street's new "coolers!" So buy the stocks, and let the coolers pay up for their shorts!

You had 300% moves in those numbers in three weeks!

How about those folks that bought $4.1 billion of credit default swaps on MGM? How did that work out?

Now today, we hear massive complaining about shorts getting run in. Wasn't that story advertised here just three weeks ago? The moral pontificating is done by those who are underinvested, or who are short. They feel like they are providing the money. They are! The down payment comes from those that are short, who tried to ruin the financial system, who now need to buy their stocks back. The crooks that are short are now reliquifying the same system that they tried to break. That's their deal. So deal with it!

Now, of course, the price is much more exacting for the shorts, as we have had the best month in the market in years.

Now Obama is going to visit Vegas on May 26. You had that story, with the casino story, and an airbrushed picture of Kim Kardashian so you wouldn't forget it. Anyone take the action???

Now wasn't Vegas supposedly the most toxic area of the country? What had the biggest move? The casino stocks!

Now what happens in Vegas, happens first to stocks! Which means that the material stocks, which are finally getting a bit of a bid, are now prepared to make a Vegas sized move!

Which is why I advertised the material ETF last Friday.

Because that's where the money is going to rotate into next!

They'll follow Vegas' lead!

And to those that stay bearish?

Their portfolio gets the limousine ride with Elvis!

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