Saturday, April 18, 2009

King James 38-8-7

Come on, how good was Lebron today?? (Click on HD)


cliff said...

Lebron out ran MOS all the way to the bucket and then some.

Peeked at the MOS on FRI. OEW....shananigans in force with all the 1 share bids in there. Looked like a good ole game of rigged FISH. I guess you can't help feelin sorry for the MM's. They gotta make some pennies for dinner to feed their fam's too, even if it means doing their best to rig the game and make a pin attempt at $40.

MOSSY closed below the 50 dma to boot. As advertised....FEED taking a rest.


Palmoni said...

Potash reports earnings on the 23rd.

We'll see how MOS reacts then.

cliff said...

May the force be with you !

You still got MOS May 50 calls ?



Palmoni said...

Yeh but I'll offset the purchase by selling some puts on MOS Monday, and I'll play for free.

I can get two bucks for the 40's, and I'll be a holder at those levels!

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