Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Swine Flu and Obama

  • 81 dead in Mexico (all schools, universities, museums, theatres etc. have already been closed.)
  • 1300 people currently being treated for it in Mexico
  • 10 students from New Zealand who went to Mexico became infected
  • Seperate cases now in Israel and France
  • Britain on alert
  • 8 cases identified in Queens, NY, out of 100 sick people
  • On April 16, President Obama met archaeologist Felipe Solis in Mexico City. Felipe died the next day, with flu like symptoms
  • 2 in Kansas
  • 7 in San Diego (Gov. Schwarzennegger yesterday spent his day at NASA's Ames Research Center coordinating CA plans with federal officials)



Relenza (Biota Holdings and GlaxoSmithKline)

Prevention from airborn virus:

Surgical masks

Don't think these won't be the next play on Wall Street. (There are some small Chinese medical companies that will probably scream on this news. And the only ones that may breathe easier on this news if it spreads, are the bears. Economic panic estimates are here: )

The World Health Organization didn't raise it to a pandemic level, which means it probably has spread more than they think--after all, our President met one of it's victims!

The Obama connection:

Earlier, panic spread throughout Mexico, where those who died were reported to be the first victims of a pandemic with the potential to kill millions.

The same virus type has appeared in Texas, California, Kansas and New York. A total of 19 people have been infected, eight of whom have recovered.

Last night it was reported that President Obama had met one of the possible victims earlier this month.

He was greeted on his visit to Mexico City on April 16 by archaeologist Felipe Solis, who died the following day from flu-like symptoms.

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