Saturday, April 25, 2009

Barrons "Big Money" polls

58% think the market hasn't yet bottomed! 58%!!!! But 60% say they are bullish!

And these are the average prices that the bulls on the "Big Money" poll, think we'll see by year end 2009, and June 2010!

DJIA------ 8676----- 9488
S&P 500-- 906----- 1003
NASDAQ-- 1684---- 1841

Big Money ain't have a clue!!

The market won't wait for these clowns to buy!!

And then Barron's tells us that luckily, historic precedents seems to favor having a bottom in the stock market, in the first term of a new President, and "and the bottom could be seen in 2009, perhaps in October, after a retest of the March low."

We already had the bottom!

Astrophysicists and journalists just can't get their handle around 666!!