Monday, April 27, 2009

Nobody's home!

Where are these sellers that want out of this market?

How about the swine flu sellers?

How about the low flying plane over New York?

Why is it, that those that are bearish, aren't wrong? And why doesn't anyone call them on the carpet for their continual bearishness?

We supposedly were never going to eat organic foods again; meanwhile Whole Foods rallies from 7 to 19.

We supposedly never were going to go out to eat, meanwhile Darden goes from 13 to 39 and EAT rallies from 4 to 18.

We supposedly never were going to buy a gadget that needed flash memory again; meanwhile SNDK rallies from 5 to 15.

We supposedly never were going to buy a Ford truck again; meanwhile Ford goes from 1 to 5.

We supposedly never were going to shop again except at the Dollar stores; meanwhile Nordstrom's rallies from 6.66 to 22.

Big names touted here on March 9, had huge moves also. It wasn't just the small numbers that moved! GE from 6 to 12. IP from 4 to 10. AKS from 5 to 12. BAC from 3 to 9. WFC from 9 to 21. USB from 9 to 18.

And now the homebuilders are breaking out, including the supposedly ugliest ducklings, HOV and BZH, which are both trading at 2.77, on their way to another double, after going up 5X and 10X already.

Weren't their tax losses worth anything?

The bears said no, because no-one was supposedly, ever going to make another nickel building a house again!

Looks like no-one listened!

Except the bears!

Nobody's Home!

But they still think they're still Nobody's Fool!

But if you still think those that are bearish, are that smart, spend 88 minutes listening to this. Maybe it will open your eyes!

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