Friday, April 24, 2009

No glimmer of hope for the bears

The bears keep trying to outdo one another with their cleverness.

Look at the latest issue of The Economist.

Paul Kedrosky highlights this on his blog saying, "Good cover on the current issue of The Economist."

The "light at the end of the tunnel"used to be an approaching train. Now we need to fear the anglerfish!

First we had Roubini's "yellow weeds" and now we have Kedrosky's "anglerfish" comments!

What the bears are missing though is balls, so they subconsciously latch onto this article!

This fearsome fish is all of two inches!

And it gets worse. When an angler fish mates, the male bites into her back, his body dies, and he shrinks down into just a couple of gonads, the size of a parasite!

The media used to be the parasites living off of the bears ideas.

Now we have another "fluff" piece, but this time the bears are the parasite as they've been neutered by the market.

But they are hiding in the media's shadow!

We have a couple of Type 6 stools!

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