Friday, April 24, 2009

Buy the materials--if you want 700%!!

That's the next move with the biggest bang for the buck!

Coal is up, steel is up, the shorts have finally laid off of the fertilizers, because the world economy is turning, and only on Wall Street could they con people into believing that people don't need to eat--even though the restaurants stocks have all tripled and quadrupled from their lows!

But if you're squeamish, and you are afraid, for some ungodly reason, (even though you shouldn't because this market is not coming down, and we are now on the next leg up in this bull market, as I so emphatically said on Tuesday ) here's your play.

UYM 15.73 is the double materials proshares ETF. The June 18 call is at $1. I think it goes to 7.

By June.

700% by the sixth month!

And that's my play for speculators!

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