Saturday, April 18, 2009

More on Susan Boyle

I compared Susan Boyle to this stock market, because so many people just don't get it. The stock market has bloggers that need to attract an audience with a viewpoint that matches their own, even though it is hopelessly wrong and hopelessly negative.

We now see this already as a's Columnist Editor, Rob Leigh denigrates Ms. Boyle's performance--on his blog--probably because he desperately needs hits on his column!

His spin on Susan:

Susan Boyle may be a great Britain's Got Talent story - but she is no great singer.

Her rendition of 'I Dreamed a Dream' was spirited, sure. It was also wobbly - and she was entitled to be a little nervy.

But was it charismatic enough, technically accomplished enough or even demonstrate enough potential to see her installed as the bookies' 5/2 favourite to win the whole shebang?

Absolutely no way.

For me, the most entertaining element of the whole performance was Amanda Holden's reaction when her gobhole seemed to be collapsing in on itself.

A reader had this response.

Mr. Leigh, your powers of condescension are exceptional, to be sure. How unfortunate for the rest of us, lacking your keen ear, that we would be so moved by Susan Boyle's rendition. I myself have compared it to recordings of Elaine Paige singing the same song, and frankly a fool like me found Ms. Paige's version trite and stagey, while Ms. Boyle's had an emotional power I have rarely had the pleasure to enjoy. It's a good thing indeed that millions around the world have someone as knowledgeable and dispassionate you to correct us.

I would also congratulate you on your courage to leap to be the first to publicly trash Susan Boyle, undaunted by any fear that it would be viewed as a cheap and opportunistic grab for a piece of the limelight that you could never earn on your own merits. I hope your mother is as proud of you as Susan's would be, were she still here to see her daughter's acclaim.

It's apparent who understands the pulse of the public, and who doesn't!

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