Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who is selling?

How about those that need things to be down??

How about Tuesday's late swoon? 500 million shares in 15 minutes banged out at the close--And that was only on the NYSE! Throw in all the shares that were banged out on the off exchanges and you have a concerted effort to bring this market down.

Who sells like that?

How about yesterday? We were up 170, and then in minutes, at 3:00 the markets were gang tackled with both barrels.

But now these tricks don't work.

The bears just have pea shooters!

Yesterday morning, I was talking to another hedge fund manager, with my usual 40 minute conversation, because they of course, are bearish, and I, of course, am bullish, and they stay on the phone with me, because I present what could go right, versus their models which tells them about what is going wrong, instead of where things are going to be.

He thinks that things are going to be so bad in the States, that they'll just go over and live in Singapore, and trade in the market that will go up, because they don't see any opportunities here in the United States.

How about David Rosenberg of Merrill Lynch's April Fool's piece? Does he think the animal spirits are going to wait for him?

I need to mention it twice, because Rosenberg's April Fool's bottom this will be the second most talked about bottom in this market.

After the one you got here at 666!

Read it----the bears are. The S&P is going to trade between 475-650, it will take three years for price stability, and no equilibrium in housing, 10 year under 2%, blah, blah, blah. It'a all here at the below link.

All that stuff is just bullsh*t! That reminds me of the nonsense call by Citigroup yesterday, who said to buy puts on the financials because pricing in options were skewed. Boy that worked didn't it?

In three weeks, we got stability in credit markets, and in three weeks, we have a rip roaring bull market, and in three more weeks we will have substantial evidence of a bottom in housing!

So trade on it! The fertilizers were downgraded the last couple of days by a couple of firms, and it has given you great entry points in Mosaic (MOS 43.93) and Potash (POT 82.93)

Spread the fertilizer on the ground, and discard Wall Street's!

The only sh*t you should listen to too, that will make you money, is that espoused from the bulls.

Now the markets need to make them look smart!

After all, what 50 year old bull is hanging out with college girls on their birthday?

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