Monday, April 6, 2009

The casinos pop! As advertised!

They were advertised here Thursday night in two posts!

And I advertised the casino stocks, after I advertised the picks that I had the previous month! Just so I would get your attention!

Let's look at prices then, a whole two days ago!

Thursday MGM closed at $3.14, today it hit $6.70, before closing today at $5.53 up .88. Over 100% in less than two days.

LVS popped 10% since then and the WYNN April 30 call's touted at .85 cents traded over $4 today and closed at today at 2.95. Up 300% in all of two days!

Their was huge action in the April 30 calls on WYNN today, and they closed at .85. The calls on WYNN are dirt cheap, because option sellers don't know how hard WYNN is going to ramp.

I said they were dirt cheap, because option sellers didn't know what they were selling.

But I knew what I was buying!

And the stock ramped, as did the options!

As advertised!

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