Monday, April 6, 2009

Will today's headlines be tomorrow's news?

53% of high yield companies are going to default.

S&P 500 can't rally.

Mike Mayo: Loan losses will exceed Depression levels.

The WSJ says is "Time to Brace for Trouble as Profits Debacle Starts"

Goldman plays it's same old games by telling clients to sell Cisco. Remember when they did this with WalMart and with Disney?

The market was up overseas in last night futures, and now they have reversed. Everyone wants a rest right here, as no-one seems to be positioned for a further rally.

So today, everyone has headline help!

What the headlines don't tell you, is that the bears have a pea shooter, and the headlines are looking in the wrong mirror!

It used to be, that Wall Street tried destroying the economy with Aardvarks. Remember that beauty? Now of course, these assets are legacy, and destroyed!

Aardvark CDO

The deal was named after a squat animal with a pig-like snout that feeds on ants and termites. Incorporated as a special- purpose company in the Cayman Islands, Aardvark ABS CDO was an ugly concoction: 31 percent of its $1.5 billion of securities were backed by subprime loans, 23 percent by residential mortgages repackaged from other CDO deals, and 33 percent by Alt- A mortgages, a category just above subprime. The remaining 13 percent were prime loans.

A pullback here means nothing.

When the bears only have headlines as their ammunition, their power is over.

The bears power was credit default swaps, naked shorting and the spreading of fear, all done under cover, and all done while forcing stock prices down.

Without that ammunition, the headlines of today don't mean a thing.

Because the headlines of today, won't be tomorrow's news.

It's just news today.

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