Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wells Fargo to earn $3 billion for the quarter

The stock is trading up huge on this news to 19 and change from under 15!

I suppose Nouriel Roubini didn't get that memo!

I suppose George Soros didn't get that memo either.

I suppose the IMF didn't get that memo either. After all, weren't they touting another $3 trillion of losses?

And neither did Moody's, who downgraded Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, which is the largest shareholder of Wells Fargo.

And maybe Meredith Whitney, didn't get that memo either!

Maybe they didn't get the "to who" memo!!

What the market bears don't understand, is that they don't know who "to who" is!

These seers and false prophets are betting against "too who!!"

Look at Textron? To who would they sell it to? Isn't our Government taking the defense business?

How about banking's toxic loans? Isn't our Government taking these assets also?

Sell to who?

The bears say, who will buy this stuff? Sell it to who?

And once again, the bears own words, hang themselves.

Maybe they should just take out a dollar bill, and look at the owl next to the one.

That my friends, is "too who!"

Our Government.

And they have a printing press.

And for those bears, who can't follow this reasoning, maybe they need to look up the "bohemian club."

After all, don't these bears and shortsellers always like things complicated?

Well, isn't the Bohemian Club's mascot an owl?

And isn't that where our Government officials concoct their plans and conspiracies?

I gave you the Shakespeare conspiracy, and the missing One!

I'm sure these intellectuals of the ursine persuasion didn't buy into that!

And I gave them, my picks, which surely weren't an April Fool's joke!

So now I'll give them something that maybe they can buy into.

The bears one enemy, is the one they picked the biggest fight with.

And it's the one dollar bill in their pocket!

But why would these bears understand too who?

They would tell me it should be "too whom!"

Always correct, but never right!

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