Saturday, April 4, 2009

Obama's gift giving needs work!

President Obama gave Gordon Brown a set of 25 DVD's of classic American movies, and he gave the Queen an iPod!

Isn't there anyone in the White House that could come up with any better ideas than these?

Nixon got two giant pandas from China, that made there way into the National Zoo, and the public's heart. I don't even know if the iPod Obama gave to the Queen will make it in her ear!

Prince Fahd bin Abd Al-Aziz of Saudi Arabia gave Nixon a beautiful silver and gold incense burner with emeralds. Look at Nixon's gifts. They had historical significance.

The Shah of Iran, gave the Carters' the above beautiful hand knotted carpet of George Washington.

Look at the beautiful gold and diamond and emerald purse given to Jackie O!{4E4370D6-5085-4BEC-AD7B-90B229575CCA}&type=Image

Or JFK's humidor:{B3C1225F-5D1D-48BD-81AB-B291DE4BA8CB}&type=Image

Beautiful works of arts, and antiques have been traditionally exchanged between Heads of States and Presidents.

This tradition was upheld when Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave President Obama, a pen holder that was carved from the oak timbers of Victorian anti-slaver HMS Gannet, once named HMS President.

But DVD's and an iPod?

Obama better hire some grown-ups in the gift giving crowd!

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