Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bid for Textron!!! As Advertised!!!

Wall Street hated Textron, but Wall Street Manna didn't!

From 7.42 to a $21 bid. In four days. As advertised!!

But I left three tips that the stock was in play. And if you traced the activity of private jets, you could of had that information too!

The first tip was this post Sunday:

Which means that Textron is the leveraged play on the recovery in private jets.

The second tip was when I re-advertised the first tip and advertised the take-over rumours.

You had a half hour to pick the stock up under Friday's closing price, before it popped. Now Bloomberg is reporting take-over rumors!

April 6 (Bloomberg) -- Textron Inc. climbed to a two-month high in New York trading amid speculation the maker of Cessna aircraft and Bell helicopters will be acquired.

After the Bloomberg article, Zero Hedge panned the "rumors."

Why not throw any company in the aerospace sector as a potential bidder as well? Oh yeah, that little thorn on the side known as Textron Financial. Good luck to any acquiror in passing Textron Financial as too big to fail ala GECC. Textron still has the privilege of being a one of the widest names in the IG12 index.

Looks like Zero Hedge had the Zero Edge, as today, we see that Textron may sell itself for $21!

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Shares of Textron jumped nearly 80% in premarket trading Thursday after a Kuwaiti newspaper reported a group of United Arab Emirates companies and a Kuwaiti firm wants to buy the owner of Cessna jets and Bell helicopters. Citing unidentified sources, Al-Watan Daily said the group was offering $21 a share for the Providence, R.I., company, according to a report from AFP. The consortium would reportedly take the civil side of Textron's aerospace business and sell the military side to a U.S. company, the newspaper said.{66114E61-6A5B-4115-BFCF-F666CC1A4000}&siteid=yhoof2

And my third tip, was the picture at the Palm Beach boat show!

Click on the picture on the above link and you get your third tip!

As advertised!!!!

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