Friday, November 5, 2010

Where are the desperate LVS sellers at 43?

Remember after earnings when this number traded up to 46.4 in the pre-market and then someone, had to just frantically dump million and millions of shares so they could make a print in the low 43 range.

Wait--maybe that was just the hapless shorts--who are now getting run over!!

As advertised!!!

Nice sale losers!!!!

And speaking of losers, where are all the HFT traders that try and make .50 on the downside on this stock each and every day, only to leave the last 20 points on the table??

Nice sale losers again!!!


Anonymous said...

what are you doing with LVS here...has run up 20 since you first touted saying it would go to 3 digits....thanks

Palmoni said...

Sitting with it!!! Target was raised to 62 today but let's say they earn $2 next year 50x gives u a $100!! I had to stay awY from the screen because the temptation to sell my options would be too great but now they are all deep in the money and it's easier to hold!!

But I think 57ish Monday and then it goes to 62 and then maybe a little pullback

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the final days of this rally Palmoni. We're on the verge of a major correction (a little more than 2.5%)!

If we're not at the top, we're less than 10 pts away tops.

will rejoin the bull camp at 1120.

Euphoria usually marks the end of a rally. How happy are you?


Anonymous said...

Guess someone didn't hear about the Bernanke put...

Anonymous said...

Ugliest green to red ive seen in a long time on LVS yesterday...