Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Bear trap is set!!!

When you have a market that is done going down, you have a day like yesterday!  The market meanders around all day, only to give it up in the last 15 minutes. Then, the whimpy bulls get queasy, and then, you'll hear from them how the market has a "change of character."

Yeh, right! It's just that they have no conviction, and they think the market is telling them a story.

The next day then--instead of selling off--the market gaps up in the morning and runs all day.

The exasperated queasy bulls then wonder how this was able to happen.

Well, why shouldn't it.  Yesterday, you had to buy! Which is why I advertised it! Which is why I said the bears would get skinned!

If you didn't buy yesterday's dip--then that means you'll stay on the sidelines today waiting for an entry point.

Which is why the market, then, runs all day!

Overnight you had strength in commodities, and now, we start the Thanksgiving day rally.

Heck, look at the charts of the SPY and the QQQQ's.

Heck--what more did you want?

You had the market given to you on a silver platter!

How about everybody's favorite trader--LVS. Look at that chart.

What more do you need?

That pullback was an absolute gift!

Now I bought calls on all of those names yesterdays, so of course, I'll pimp my book. But at least, I'll tell you what I'm buying, when I'm buying it, and I'll tell you that I'm pimping my positions.

Of course, though, I won't always tell you though when I'm dumping them!

And furthermore, I'm going to be traveling today on the TSA planes. So I knew that today would be a good day, because I would be up in the air.

Because how many times do people say that the market makes a move when there not in?

So then, buy the day before, and then, when it rallies, you won't sell at the first bounce!

Quit being a p*ssy! Get in the game!

And finally, I would like to thank all the people that read this blog.

Yesterday, I had 15,000 hits. Which means at least this blog is picking up some more readers.

Now go pick up the free money!!


Anonymous said...


Bulls are going to run today baby!

Anonymous said...

Great calls yesterday!


Palmoni you are rocking!

Anonymous said...

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