Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dow 10,000? Not a chance!

Since I had 10,000 hits today, I thought I would trot out the Dow 10,000 hat, as all the bears must be giddy!

Because that's the only 10,000 they're going to see!

It's rally time!!

You bears will be a $1,000 short!

I'll help the cause with a watermelon note, because our Government has the bulls back!!


whydibuy said...

I don't see you touting MPG as having come in enough for ya.

Down 13% today and 25% since the ceo walked away, you stay silent over that pump. I mean, it only loses 25 mil per qtr and has but a handful of rotting buildings left in its portfolio, it must be a gem to taunt the bears with.

Palmoni said...

Tepper also lightened his position by 10%

Anonymous said...

Yes but Yamana Gold is still the biggest piece of sh*t I've ever seen. There must be something really wrong with that we don't know about.

Anonymous said...

MPG demolished, thank now broke