Friday, November 12, 2010

Disney now at 37.64--wait--who sold yesterday at 35.15??

Once again, Wall Street is for idiots!

And now I'm flipping it!


Anonymous said...

why are "flipping" now?

Palmoni said...

I have options, and I bought some more yesterday when the stock cratered for nothing, and now the trade is over!

Earnings are out and that move was enough for me

This morning you have all the shorts scrambling that shorted yesterday--and I want them, of course to pay me--next!!

Anonymous said...

don't you think it has farther to run? the tape looks strong

Palmoni said...

No! the earnings weren't that good--the tape action today just reeks of a short that is now being forced to cover.

I think DIS is a sell up here

don't mistake the early strength as a fundamental positive for DIS--It's just yesterday's bad bet being unwound!

Take it and go on to something else!!

Anonymous said...

so the stock is a sell as you say and yet people that sold 2 dollars lower are idiots? ha-ha-ha