Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Mount of God

Mount Sinai. Where Moses received the 10 commandments from God.

One of the most reverent spots in the world.

And here, is the most famous religious sculpture in the world.


Carved by Michelangelo when he was just 24. The Virgin, holding the body of Christ, after he came off the cross, before his resurrection. The portrayal of Godly suffering.

It's home, is in of the most reverent spots in the world; Saint Peter's Basilica.

What's that have to do with Mount Sinai?

Look closely.

The Rock of God.

In the Mount of God.


DubbelTap said...

I've looked at that picture several times and I still don't get it...

Palmoni said...

Inside the red circle is a rock formation that looks like Jesus in the pieta sculpture arm at the side bent over with legs dangling it's the slumping suffering servant as depicted by Michelangelo but the mirror image

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