Sunday, November 21, 2010

TSA strip searches a little boy

Face it--The people at the TSA are idiots, and doing strip searches pat downs on shy little kids, is the modus operandi of pedophiles, or pedophiles in training.

The TSA is a joke. All theater, to pretend they are making the skies safe. So how is it possible, that those with the judgement, who think it is necessary to strip search a little boy, can possibly have the correct judgement in making the skies safe?

You can strip search a little  boy, but you can't racially profile?

Have any white kids under six ever been used as a suicide bomb?

WTF do these jokers think?


Anonymous said...

Your outrage over this twilight zone policy is well justified.
Keep it up. It's hard to believe what has happened to basic sense and respect for rights in America.

DubbelTap said...

No way would I let those pedophiles strip search my kid... No way. Why isn't the airlines doing something about this? Every person I've talked to has stated they'll drive before getting sexually assaulted by these freaks.