Monday, July 26, 2010

Time to scalp AMZN for a short

The stock traded down to 105 after earnings and then traded up to 118.  I think this number can come in here.

The chart sucks!!


Anonymous said...

Palmoni, why short anything? You are better at "touting". See you short something and it still goes up.

Palmoni said...

Really I hate shorting! I'm a nervous short anyway!!

I was just looking for something to trade since I'm in all these biotechs!

Which is why, I guess I never understood how these permabears can remain solvent.

What do they do when their shorts go against them?

I never give my shorts any rope to hang me with.

But heck, any light at the end of the tunnel is always sunshine as I see it!!

And you're right. Their is just a micro sliver that you vcan make shorting versus all the upside in the world. And holding stocks doesn't make me nervous- But I can't believe how many guys belly ache when they are down on a position.

I guess that's where the mega bull cycle belief helps. I think so many stocks will be up 200-300% from these prices that it doesn't make sense to short anything --especially when stock prices haven't moved in ten years.

That being said I still need my daily fixes of high beta names just to get the juices flowing!!