Friday, July 16, 2010

Apple will allow you to return your iPhone 4

So they can fix the "Antennagate" issues, and then sell you a refurbished phone!

When the phone was tested they saw that gripping the handset would lower the bar signal, but they didn't think it would be such a big issue.


Anonymous said...

Palmoni, what do you think of TSLA? Go entry here or should I wait until $4 like some hedge fund guy thinks it's worth.

Anonymous said...

Is it time to buy stocks yet?

Palmoni said...

let the market come in the move in the euro shows that people are offsides in this market

let them puke it up

On TSLA i traded that for as few points when it pulled back the last time, but I think its coming in here

I don't like it up here

Anonymous said...

Do you think TSLA is hyped and eventually goes all the way to 0, like the bears say?

Anonymous said...

O.K. guys ... THAT was the correction. NOW it's over. LOL

Anonymous said...

hey Palmoni,
here is from your recent posts:
The last few days, I've heard from exasperated traders who've told me that you can't make money in this market, and another who hedged his portfolio at 1043 "just in case." Just in case??? We already had the just in case fall!!
I guess you properly predicted that we already had just in case fall. Oh my! But we did not! We are falling again! Will we stop at 1043 this time?

Anonymous said...

What about that loser anonymous in the earlier Euro post who said Why would Palmoni have written all that garbage about MGOL if he was in on the whole boiler room scam???

Anonymous dude, please do yourself a favor and take your money to Vegas instead!


Palmoni said...

we rallied from 1043 (almost 1020)to 1100

that was a tradable rally