Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get out the shopping carts!

Prices have come down into "Oh My!" territory again.

"Oh My!" Goldman sees business slowing. IBM top line slows. TXN is sloppy, and PIMCO is selling tail-risk. Who cares???

Stocks aren't at 1120, they're at 1060, and that "news" is already reflected in prices.

Get out the shopping carts!

Because this is all the fat and happy that the market will give the bears!


Anonymous said...

Hey Palmoni,

I know there's an exchange offering for those who got in on the private placements. I got in touch with an individual and they are working on figuring out if it's legal to offer an exchange offering for those who are non accredited and bought their shares on the secondary market. Do you see any troubles getting that offering extended to those who bought on the secondary? I know they want to treat us minority shareholders fairly to avoid lawsuits and I received word from the person who owns the majority of the company that "we'll be fine". Also since they are offering something to the private placement holders they have to offer something equitable for the rest. Thanks!

Palmoni said...

I don't know how they are going to work out the details of that, but it seems that something equitable must be done.

To me it appears like this plan was hatched by some IB, --as they wanted to compensate some, but keep out the dilution...

Otherwise if all the assets were merged into the public company, who needs an Investment bank?

But surely you can have spinoffs and IPOs of some of their properties, and with the financing needed, there will be fees galore.

But I can't speculate on what "legally" they have to do--I already have my spec!

Settembrini said...

And oh my! Goldman Sachs EPS was 78cents---78cents? It's a hoax

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