Friday, July 30, 2010

Chicago PMI comes in at 62.3

Oh My!!

And now you'll have all those bearish leaning blogs complaining how that information was leaked because the S&P rallied 1 minute before that news came out.

Oh wait--That news is already out at Zero Hedge where no whine is never kept quiet!!

Tyler Durden's picture

Chicago PMI At 62.3 Versus Expectations Of 56 Print

It appears the earlier market rumor about a Chicago PMI of 53.6 that sent the SPOOs another leg lower were incorrect. Now if only the administration can please reconcile the drop in the economy with the PMI surge all will be forgiven. In the meantime stocks keep trading from headline to headline. Categories posting improvement include Employment, New Orders, Order Backlogs, Inventories and Production, while Prices Paid decline again.

Well--so what.  Why weren't they buying this morning at 9:00 before the market opened, when the futures were at the low?

Oh--Whooops... I forgot...That trade was just for me!!!

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