Monday, July 19, 2010

Goldman says goodbye to BAC

After Goldman was fined $550 million for the Paulson led ABACUS deal, Goldman now downgrades one of Paulson's largest position, BAC.

Bye bye BAC


Anonymous said...

hey trolls, why aren't we crashing?

Anonymous said...

Cause we will tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hey Palmoni,

I heard we'll be offered a share exchange offer into the private co, and there will be a ipo in Toronto. What do you see happening? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Forget it, dude. Your investment in that crap of a company is as good as gone.

Palmoni said...

with the share exchange offer I may even come out ahead

how the trolls that right it off haven't read the prospectus!!!

I'm meeting some of the people that are doing some contracting work w/them in Miami. I'll let you know how that turns out