Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Check out the Israeli solders in Hebron


Anonymous said...

i bought mgm at 13.77 and other stuff well off 30-40%. do you think we'll get back there? i'm afraid to double down but it might be a good idea?

Anonymous said...

What rally?

Palmoni said...

wdydidibuy--you are an idiot--

anyone can see what BNP Paribas is up to--they want the assets in the public shell back into the other private company--so they are playing total Colombian hardball

the public markets don't give a fair valuation? then screw them, we'll take it over and then as a non reporting entity tough luck

I'm just amazed as the ruthlessness however--but if someone wants to give the stock away alt a quarter and a half--well its a puvblic market--and it was disclosed

not only that they disclosed the other properties the private company has