Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh My!!!!

What happened???

All the reckless bears that preached doom, that preached the end of America and the end of equities--Wait---There's still some people that want stocks???

You better believe it. Because you could see them beating their chests, as the last 2-3% down, emboldened even the most vacuous of clowns to proudly bleat  their next predictions of another Great Depression.

America is re-inventing themselves, and the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well. All those who want to bet on the collapse of America, and the collapse of the consumer---well go ahead and make that bet, so we won't have to hear from you!

It will be a Darwinian cleansing, as we get rid of these bearish pimps with their bearish screeds!

Now I have to go to the casino for some relaxation! We hear that the World Cup has slowed betting in Macau, so I want to help stateside.

And help lower their hold percentage!!


Settembrini said...

I've been asked about the Death Cross and I say It's only a death cross IF it crosses with heavy volume. But if people think it's a death cross even though it really isn't(because it occured with low volume), people will sell in fear of the death cross that really isn't. And because it is not a death cross it is really nothing to fear, so those that know it is not a really a death cross have an opportunity to buy during the pullback from the sellers who think it a death cross. So while others think it is a death cross, you know it is a buy cross. Also, what people don't know is that even if it is really a death cross(when the cross occurs with heavy volume) it may still not be a death cross. Yes, in 2007 a real death cross occured and stocks dropped 7.7% in the next 6 months, but in july 2006 a real death cross occured but in the next 6 months stocks rallied 15%, so a death cross may not be a death cross after all, but it could be. Just remember, For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

Anonymous said...

How much (or how long) of a rally Pal?

Anonymous said...

I heard today there was talk of QE part 2. That's what I've been saying all along: once the QE2 thing happens, then we rocket-ride up. Maybe that's why we're up today, but I don't know if it's been officially started so there might still be some danger.

Anonymous said...

palmoni quickly do few posts while the trend is still up cause if it start gooing lower you will hide again. Give us some pictures of bulls and bears cause that is the proof that you are a stock genious. People who predicted the corrcetion, nah, they are idiots.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference from predicting doom vs predicting a correction, yo.

Palmoni said...

well said sett!!

oh give me a break---the correction should of stopped at 1040--but thw make believe bears were able to push it lower

the same ole bears who wear bearish all the way up still sang the same tune

and really hide? Give me a break--there just wasn't much to do during the market when it was sloppy and I have other businesses that I have to attend to since they don't run themselves in this economy

but it doesn't mean that I roll over and do nothing about it!!!

Settembrini said...

the guy on the bull looks like Cramer, not Cramer mad money but Cramer Sienfeld--or is it Kramer?

Oh, Anon 11:07 you're just mad you didn't buy STT last week, and didn't I tell u to buy TOT.S.A.? But don't worry there are still some good plays --if u need help with stock picks many here will be willing to help.

Anonymous said...

oh give me a break---the correction should of stopped at 1040--but thw make believe bears were able to push it lower
Palm, this is really dumb statement, i thought better of you.
"Should have"? "make believe"?

Settembrini said...

Pal, what do you think of Ford convertible S.? Convertible preferred is convertible into Ford common and pays 8% while you wait. Someone told me today to take a look F-S.

Anonymous said...

Pal - your timing is sublime. Headed higher

Settembrini said...

Google Google