Thursday, July 22, 2010

The bears picnic is over!!!

Oh My!! So we had a 140 point pullback in 5 minutes yesterday when Bernanke opened his mouth, and today we get it all back 5 minutes after the opening.

Oh My!!!

Big Deal. The HFT boys just stepped in. You can't handle the volitility? You want to whine? Then get the hell out of the market. The market doesn't need you and it doesn't need your money, and if you want to whine, the market will take what you have left.

Get some balls, get some conviction, and get long!!

I've never seen a market that is so hated by the bears--who can't get anything right, and can't see anything positive because they've been wired to be losers, because they haven't realized that life goes on without them, and the economy just doesn't give a sh*t about individual's own hardships.

Let's go back last month to this cover on Bloomberg Business Week. (You can read it here) Notice the title:

What we can learn from the endless pessimism of Wall Street's biggest bears.

What can we learn? Nothing!!!

Prechter, in that article says "From a peak in 2010 the market should fall for six years!"

Roubini says, "...Everyone is delusional."

Nassim Taleb said, "The same analysis I made in 2006 holds stronger today...."

Meredith Whitney said "It's mathematically impossible to get a constructive jon growth scenario" "In fact, I am more bearish than I've been in a year."


So don't send out those resumes, don't tap into your creative entreprenurial spirit, because we're all toast. Just load up on spam, and move into the neighborhood bomb shelter, and eat crickets and sleep with the spiders!

And if you're bullish, you can't do math, you're delusional, and you have another six years of hell!

Oh give me a break!

Newsflash losers--You can eat your own burnt toast, and keep your own burnt out predictions, and keep your own bearishness for your own peril.

The market and economy doesn't give a sh*t if you lose your job, and it doesn't give a sh*t if you lose your house, and it doesn't give a sh*t if you lose your health care, or if you lose your cable, or if you lose anything else in your life.

The bears seem to think that personal anecdotes have some bearing on this market. They don't!

And since the market doesn't care about your losses, then why should anyone even listen to these bears?

Why should they even give a sh*t?

They shouldn't!

And today, the market woke up and looked at CAT's earnings, and looked at UPS, and then they looked over at Europe, and then they had a WTF moment!

Well, that's what they needed. Because the bullish brew is back!

You want to buy stocks? Buy them! You want your hand held? Get a girlfriend! But don't look to the market. Because this market isn't in the hand holding stage.

Because this market is in the rip your hearts out if you are bearish!

It ain't even going to hold your hand!

It's going straight to the happy ending!

For the bulls that is!!


Anonymous said...

whoah palmoni!

give them hell. Tell us what you really think.


Anonymous said...

A stupid 200 points on the Dow and the correction is over?

for the umpteenth time?


Palmoni said...

once again, just another useless whiner loser post! Oh My!!

Someone's been eating at the picnic table!

Anonymous said...

OMG not again! Can't you at least wait until tomorrow before posting bear pics?? This is only the eighteenth time you've declared dead bears or Oh My or whatever LOL

Palmoni said...

Buy MSFT then or buy something that will make you money!!

Or buy BAC ot was downgraded by GS--that means it's a buy

Anonymous said...

good stock tout Palmoni! MSFT - down after hours, ha-ha