Friday, July 16, 2010

Euro at 1.30?? Sell it!!!


Anonymous said...

you mentioned you're okay with MGOL b/c of the private are the shareholders of MGOL just out of luck then?

Palmoni said...

I believe they are working out a plan for the public shareholders (only an opinion)for those who bought the stock in the open market.

Chairman of Minatura was Thomas Manz, and he invested in other properties including Zaragoza, which supposedly will have cash flow of $171 million (according to the projections) over the life of the project. He owns 4 million shares of the company in the PPM

"On June 10, MGOL entered a put option agreement with him for the 60,000 shares of MGOL in his IRA for $474,000"

since he was an insider, and since that was entered into almost immediately before the "delisting" event took place--well that would be hard to take if something else wasn't made available to shareholders

and by allowing shareholders of the public co to be invested in the new co, that has 8X the assets that the public company had--their position wouldn't be hurt

if you sold your shares, i think you may be screwed

all that is an opinion from me--the PPM only includes those who invested in the private placement not public shareholders..

but the projects in the public company have great value--

the new PPM is much more conclusive, includes some old drilling data, and has much greater color on their prospects

so what would keep the stock price down, allowing it to be acquired on the cheap, without increasing the price so you can acquire it without much cost?

allow your ownership share in the NewCo to be able to correspond with the proportion of the $ you invested in the old company

somehow it looks like an Investment Bank put this plan together, as a way to merge the public properties back into the private company, and then, the private company could be taken public with the help of BNParibas, and the other projects spun off all at a much greater valuation in the hundreds of millions

that's what it appears to me but someone has a plan behind the scenes but it sure looks like the dots can be connected fairly easily because without question they have some amazing properties

i think the market expected all of the private properties to be merged into the public company (well maybe the market didn't but I did) which i guess probably was a stupid assumption (and the market clearly thinks that) because they wanted to keep their interests private

but if you had a huge investmengt bank that would fund the projects, and spin them off, well then, they would do what they did--if the projects they had were real

Anonymous said...

Screw MGOL - its over, and anyone who got involved in that probably had beer $ to play with.

Is the rally over, and we are setting the stage for more downside ... or is this another gift to buy?

Palmoni said...

I think more downside first

whydibuy said...

Yeah, all kinds of convoluted theories about what mgt will do for the public bagholders.

But nothing from the co itself. But the insiders holdings got a special deal to protect him. No deal for public bagholders.


And P still trys to spin this as anything but a boiler room scam. And I think hes in on it.

Anonymous said...

thanks P for the update...what did you do with all your common shares especially the ones you about in the $0.33?

Palmoni said...

I never sold a share so I hope things work out as the PPM indicates

but if I get bagged it won't be the first or the last time

you only can get bagged when you think you know more than the market

lord knows I could be guilty of thinking i know more than the market

i guess that's the mindset of a speculator

which is probably why i like to relax in the casinos

Anonymous said...

Palmoni said...
I think more downside first
wow! you are genoius Palmoni! Announce the correction is over in the morning and we go up... Then once get slapped and kicked down the elevator - say that more downside... FIRST. Ha-ha-ha

Palmoni said...

who said the correction was over in the morning?

I booked profits on BP and GS huge moves and advertised that--I didn't advertise the buy then, I advertised the move of which I sold

but maybe you just want to post nonsense so go ahead--free speech even applies to trolls!

Anonymous said...

whididibuy, and all the angry bloggers bout Mgol, i too lost on that gamble, and thats what it was, and its fine.

But if P was in on it like ure accusing him, then why tf, would he go through all the trouble and post all that information above..

wouldnt it be easier to just ignore questions about mgol altogether, and lose a reader or two...let it go..

This is a great blog for the most of us, if you dont like it, please whine elsewhere