Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time to bring out the "Oh My!" crowd

Who would want you to believe that the entire bull market will be stopped by $1500. Yes--the $1500 increase in the margin requirement for silver!

So they sell commodities, and then they sell stocks, and then they buy the dollar--and then they tell us that Europe and Iceland will blow up the world again--because they're protesting in London!

Oh give me a break.

Now we'll hear how the next Flash Crash is imminent---which is the prayer of the bears because they are being so vocal because they're so underwater.

You had your pullback--and the idea that yesterday's reversal is the start of something 'big"---well that ain't happening.

Yesterday just led to this morning's selloff, and every put buyer from yesterday, will change their tune as soon as the market starts to rally.

Unless of course, you believe that $1500 can put an end to this bull!

And you can drown your sorrows in beer!


Anonymous said...

so you think silver had it's pull back and it's going back up?

Palmoni said...

yes--along with the market--too much money flowing in to let the party stop here

Anonymous said...

Maybe the BEST topic that I have read all year?!